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1    to come or go into (a place, house, etc.)  
2    to penetrate or pierce  
3    tr   to introduce or insert  
4    to join (a party, organization, etc.)  
5    when intr, foll by: into   to become involved or take part (in)  
to enter a game, to enter into an agreement     
6    tr   to record (an item such as a commercial transaction) in a journal, account, register, etc.  
7    tr   to record (a name, etc.) on a list  
8    tr   to present or submit  
to enter a proposal     
9    intr     (Theatre)   to come on stage: used as a stage direction  
enter Juliet     
10    when intr, often foll by: into, on, or upon   to begin; start  
to enter upon a new career     
11    intr; often foll by: upon   to come into possession (of)  
12    tr   to place (evidence, a plea, etc.) before a court of law or upon the court records  
13    tr     (Law)  
a    to go onto and occupy (land)  
b      (Chiefly U.S.)   to file a claim to (public lands)  
     (C13: from Old French entrer, from Latin intrare to go in, from intra within)  
  enterable      adj  
  enterer      n  

enter into  
      vb   intr, prep  
1    to be considered as a necessary part of (one's plans, calculations, etc.)  
2    to be in sympathy with  
he enters into his patient's problems     
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1    arrive, come or go in or into, insert, introduce, make an entrance, pass into, penetrate, pierce  
2    become a member of, begin, commence, commit oneself to, embark upon, enlist, enrol, join, participate in, set about, set out on, sign up, start, take part in, take up  
3    inscribe, list, log, note, record, register, set down, take down  
4    offer, present, proffer, put forward, register, submit, tender  
1    depart, exit, go, issue from, leave, take one's leave, withdraw  
2 & 4    drop out, go, leave, pull out, resign, retire, withdraw  

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