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1    a person trained in any branch of the profession of engineering  
2    the originator or manager of a situation, system, etc.  
3    a mechanic; one who repairs or services machines  
4      (U.S. and Canadian)   the driver of a railway locomotive  
5    an officer responsible for a ship's engines  
6      (Informal name)    sapper   a member of the armed forces, esp. the army, trained in engineering and construction work  
      vb   tr  
7    to originate, cause, or plan in a clever or devious manner  
he engineered the minister's downfall     
8    to design, plan, or construct as a professional engineer  
     (C14: enginer, from Old French engigneor, from engignier to contrive, ultimately from Latin ingenium skill, talent; see engine)  

chartered engineer  
      n   (in Britain) an engineer who is registered with the Engineering Council as having the scientific and technical knowledge and practical experience to satisfy its professional requirements,   (Abbrev.)    CEng  
civil engineer  
      n   a person qualified to design, construct, and maintain public works, such as roads, bridges, harbours, etc.  
  civil engineering      n  
engineer officer  
      n   a ship's officer who is qualified to be in charge of the vessel's propulsion and other machinery  
flight engineer  
      n   the member of an aircraft crew who is responsible for the operation of the aircraft's systems, including the engines, during flight  
ground engineer  
      n   an engineer qualified and licensed to certify the airworthiness of an aircraft,   (Official name)    licensed aircraft engineer  
licensed aircraft engineer  
      n      the official name for       ground engineer  
marine engineer  
      n   an engineer responsible for all heavy machinery on a ship or an offshore structure  
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      n   architect, contriver, designer, deviser, director, inventor, manager, manipulator, originator, planner, schemer  
      vb   bring about, cause, concoct, contrive, control, create, devise, effect, encompass, finagle     (informal)   manage, manoeuvre, mastermind, originate, plan, plot, scheme, wangle     (informal)  

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