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1    a pledge of marriage; betrothal  
2    an appointment or arrangement, esp. for business or social purposes  
3    the act of engaging or condition of being engaged  
4    a promise, obligation, or other condition that binds  
5    a period of employment, esp. a limited period  
6    an action; battle  
7    pl   financial obligations  

engagement ring  
      n   a ring given by a man to a woman as a token of their betrothal  
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1    assurance, betrothal, bond, compact, contract, oath, obligation, pact, pledge, promise, troth     (archaic)   undertaking, vow, word  
2    appointment, arrangement, commitment, date, meeting  
3    commission, employment, gig     (informal)   job, post, situation, stint, work  
4    action, battle, combat, conflict, confrontation, contest, encounter, face-off     (slang)   fight  

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