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1    to undergo (hardship, strain, privation, etc.) without yielding; bear  
2    tr   to permit or tolerate  
3    intr   to last or continue to exist  
     (C14: from Old French endurer, from Latin indurare to harden, from durus hard)  
  endurable      adj  
  endurability, endurableness      n  
  endurably      adv  
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1    bear, brave, cope with, experience, go through, stand, stick it out     (informal)   suffer, support, sustain, take it     (informal)   thole     (Scot.)   undergo, weather, withstand  
2    abide, allow, bear, brook, countenance, hack     (slang)   permit, put up with, stand, stick     (slang)   stomach, submit to, suffer, swallow, take patiently, tolerate  
3    abide, be durable, continue, have a good innings, hold, last, live, live on, persist, prevail, remain, stand, stay, survive, wear well  

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