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a    the source of income with which an institution, etc., is endowed  
b    the income itself  
2    the act or process of endowing  
3    usually pl   natural talents or qualities  

endowment assurance   , insurance  
      n   a form of life insurance that provides for the payment of a specified sum directly to the policyholder at a designated date or to his beneficiary should he die before this date  
endowment mortgage  
      n   an arrangement whereby a person takes out a mortgage and pays the capital repayment instalments into a life assurance policy and only the interest to the mortgagee during the term of the policy. The loan is repaid by the policy either when it matures or on the prior death of the policyholder  
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1    award, benefaction, bequest, bestowal, boon, donation, fund, gift, grant, hand-out, income, largesse or largess, legacy, presentation, property, provision, revenue, stipend  
2      (often plural)    ability, aptitude, attribute, capability, capacity, faculty, flair, genius, gift, power, qualification, quality, talent  

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