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, indorsement  
1    the act or an instance of endorsing  
2    something that endorses, such as a signature or qualifying comment  
3    approval or support  
4    a record of a motoring offence on a driving licence  
5      (Insurance)   a clause in or amendment to an insurance policy allowing for alteration of coverage  

blank endorsement  
      n   an endorsement on a bill of exchange, cheque, etc., naming no payee and thus making the endorsed sum payable to the bearer,   (Also called)    endorsement in blank  
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, indorsement  
1    comment, countersignature, qualification, signature, superscription  
2    advocacy, affirmation, approbation, approval, authorization, backing, championship, confirmation, espousal, favour, fiat, O.K. or okay     (informal)   promotion, ratification, recommendation, sanction, seal of approval, subscription to, support, warrant  

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