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en attendant

      adv   in the mean time; while waiting  
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1    a person who accompanies or waits upon another  
2    a person employed to assist, guide, or provide a service for others, esp. for the general public  
a lavatory attendant     
3    a person who is present  
4    a logical consequence or natural accompaniment  
hatred is often an attendant of jealousy     
5    being in attendance  
6    associated; accompanying; related  
attendant problems     

care attendant  
      n     (Social welfare)   (in Britain) a person who is paid to look after one or more severely handicapped people by visiting them frequently and staying when needed, but who does not live in  
Crossroads care attendant scheme  
      n     (Social welfare)   (in Britain) a service providing paid attendants for disabled people who need continuous supervision  
     (so named because the idea arose out of criticism of the plight of a disabled character in the TV serial Crossroads)  
en attendant     (French)  
      adv   in the mean time; while waiting  
flight attendant  
      n   a person who attends to the needs of passengers on a commercial flight  

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      n   aide, assistant, auxiliary, chaperon, companion, custodian, escort, flunky, follower, guard, guide, helper, lackey, menial, page, servant, steward, underling, usher, waiter  
      adj   accessory, accompanying, associated, concomitant, consequent, related  

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