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1    a glowing or smouldering piece of coal or wood, as in a dying fire  
2    the fading remains of a past emotion  
the embers of his love     
     (Old English æmyrge; related to Old Norse eimyrja ember, eimr smoke, Old High German eimuria ember)  

Ember days  
      pl n     (R.C. and Anglican Church)   any of four groups of three days (always Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) of prayer and fasting, the groups occurring after Pentecost, after the first Sunday of Lent, after the feast of St Lucy (Dec. 13), and after the feast of the Holy Cross (Sept. 14)  
     (Old English ymbrendæg, from ymbren, perhaps from ymbryne a (recurring) period, from ymb around + ryne a course + dæg day)  
ember goose  
      n   not in ornithological use      another name for the       great northern diver  
     (C18: from Norwegian emmer-gaas)  
Ember week  
      n   a week in which Ember days fall  
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ashes, cinders, live coals  

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