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      vb   tr  
1    to escape or avoid (capture, one's pursuers, etc.), esp. by cunning  
2    to avoid fulfilment of (a responsibility, obligation, etc.); evade  
3    to escape discovery, or understanding by; baffle  
the solution eluded her     
     (C16: from Latin eludere to deceive, from ludere to play)  
  eluder      n  
  elusion      n  
Elude is sometimes wrongly used where allude is meant: he was alluding (not eluding) to his previous visit to the city  
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1    avoid, body-swerve     (Scot.)   circumvent, dodge, duck     (informal)   escape, evade, flee, get away from, outrun, shirk, shun, slip through one's fingers, slip through the net  
2    baffle, be beyond (someone), confound, escape, foil, frustrate, puzzle, stump, thwart  

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