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1    the vertical height of an object above some chosen level, esp. above sea level; elevation  
2      (Geometry)   the perpendicular distance from the vertex to the base of a geometrical figure or solid  
3      (Also called)    elevation            (Astronomy, navigation)   the angular distance of a celestial body from the horizon measured along the vertical circle passing through the body  
   Compare       azimuth       1  
4      (Surveying)   the angle of elevation of a point above the horizontal plane of the observer  
5    often pl   a high place or region  
     (C14: from Latin altitudo, from altus high, deep)  
  altitudinal      adj  

1    the act of elevating or the state of being elevated  
2    the height of something above a given or implied place, esp. above sea level  
3    a raised area; height  
4    nobleness or grandeur; loftiness  
elevation of thought     
5    a drawing to scale of the external face of a building or structure  
   Compare       plan       3       ground plan       1  
6    the external face of a building or structure  
7    a ballet dancer's ability to leap high  
8      (R.C. Church)   the lifting up of the Host at Mass for adoration  
9      (Astronomy)      another name for       altitude       3  
10    the angle formed between the muzzle of a gun and the horizontal  
11      (Surveying)   the angular distance between the plane through a point of observation and an object above it  
   Compare       depression       7  
12      (Linguistics)      another term for       amelioration  
  elevational      adj  
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