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      n   functioning as sing   the branch of physics concerned with static electricity  
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1    of, concerned with, producing, or caused by static electricity  
2    concerned with electrostatics  
  electrostatically      adv  

electrostatic field  
      n   an electric field associated with a static electric field  
electrostatic generator  
      n   any device for producing a high voltage by building up a charge of static electricity  
electrostatic lens  
      n   an electron lens consisting of a system of metal electrodes, the electrostatic field of which focuses the charged particles  
electrostatic precipitation  
      n     (Chem)   the removal of suspended solid particles from a gas by giving them an electric charge and attracting them to charged plates  
electrostatic unit  
      n   any unit that belongs to a system of electrical cgs units in which the electric constant is given the value of unity and is taken as a pure number,   (Abbrevs.)    ESU, e.s.u      Compare       electromagnetic unit  

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