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electron telescope


      n   an astronomical telescope with an attachment for converting the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of planets into a visible image  
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      n   a stable elementary particle present in all atoms, orbiting the nucleus in numbers equal to the atomic number of the element; a lepton with a negative charge of 1.6022x10--19 coulomb, a rest mass of 9.1096x10--31 kilogram, a radius of 2.818x10--15 metre, and a spin of ½  
     (C19: from electro- + -on)  

electron affinity  
      n   a measure of the ability of an atom or molecule to form a negative ion, expressed as the energy released when an electron is attached.,   (Symbol)    A  
electron capture  
      n     (Physics)   the transformation of an atomic nucleus in which an electron from the atom is spontaneously absorbed into the nucleus. A proton is changed into a neutron, thereby reducing the atomic number by one. A neutrino is emitted. The process may be detected by the consequent emission of the characteristic X-rays of the resultant element,   (Former name)    K-capture  
electron gun  
      n   a heated cathode with an associated system of electrodes and coils for producing and focusing a beam of electrons, used esp. in cathode-ray tubes  
electron lens  
      n   a system, such as an arrangement of electrodes or magnets, that produces a field for focusing a beam of electrons  
electron micrograph  
      n   a photograph of a specimen taken through an electron microscope  
electron microscope  
      n   a powerful type of microscope that uses electrons, rather than light, and electron lenses to produce a magnified image  
electron multiplier  
      n     (Physics)   a device for amplifying and measuring a flux of electrons. Each electron hits an anode surface and releases secondary electrons that are accelerated to a second surface; after several such stages a measurable pulse of current is obtained  
electron optics  
      n   functioning as sing   the study and use of beams of electrons and of their deflection and focusing by electric and magnetic fields  
electron paramagnetic resonance  
      n     (Physics)      another name for       electron spin resonance     (Abbrev.)    EPR  
electron probe microanalysis  
      n   a technique for the analysis of a very small amount of material by bombarding it with a narrow beam of electrons and examining the resulting X-ray emission spectrum  
electron spin resonance  
      n   a technique for investigating paramagnetic substances by subjecting them to high-frequency radiation in a strong magnetic field. Changes in the spin of unpaired electrons cause radiation to be absorbed at certain frequencies,   (Abbrev.)    ESR      See also       nuclear magnetic resonance  
electron telescope  
      n   an astronomical telescope with an attachment for converting the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of planets into a visible image  
electron transport  
      n     (Biochem)   the metabolic process in mitochondria or chloroplasts, in which electrons are transferred in stages from energy-rich compounds to molecular oxygen with liberation of energy  
electron tube  
      n   an electrical device, such as a valve, in which a flow of electrons between electrodes takes place,   (Sometimes shortened to)    tube  
free electron  
      n   any electron that is not attached to an ion, atom, or molecule and is free to move under the influence of an applied electric or magnetic field  
scanning electron microscope  
      n   a type of electron microscope that produces a three-dimensional image  
valency electron  
      n     (Chem)   an electron in the outer shell of an atom, responsible for forming chemical bonds  

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