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1    the joint between the upper arm and the forearm, formed by the junction of the radius and ulna with the humerus  
2    the corresponding joint or bone of birds or mammals  
3    the part of a garment that covers the elbow  
4    something resembling an elbow, such as a sharp bend in a road or river  
5    at one's elbow   within easy reach  
6    out at elbow(s)   ragged or impoverished  
7    up to the elbows with or in   busily occupied with; deeply immersed in  
8    to make (one's way) by shoving, jostling, etc.  
9    tr   to knock or shove with or as if with the elbow  
10    tr   to reject; dismiss (esp. in the phrases give or get the elbow)  
     (Old English elnboga; see ell2, bow2; related to Old Norse olbogi, Old High German elinbogo)  

elbow grease  
Facetious   vigorous physical labour, esp. hard rubbing  
tennis elbow  
      n   a painful inflammation of the elbow caused by exertion in playing tennis and similar games  
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1    angle, bend, corner, joint, turn  
2    at one's elbow      at hand, close by, handy, near, to hand, within reach  
3    out at elbow(s)      beggarly, down at heel, impoverished, in rags, ragged, seedy, shabby, tattered  
4    rub elbows with      associate, fraternize, hang out     (informal)   hobnob, mingle, mix, socialize  
5    up to the elbows      absorbed, busy, engaged, engrossed, immersed, occupied, tied up, up to the ears, wrapped up  
6    bump, crowd, hustle, jostle, knock, nudge, push, shoulder, shove  

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