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1    the property of a body or substance that enables it to resume its original shape or size when a distorting force is removed  
   See also       elastic limit  
2    the state or quality of being elastic; flexibility or buoyancy  
3    a measure of the sensitivity of demand for goods or services to changes in price or other marketing variables, such as advertising  

modulus of elasticity  
      n   the ratio of the stress applied to a body or substance to the resulting strain within the elastic limit,   (Also called)    elastic modulus      See also       Young's modulus       bulk modulus       modulus of rigidity  
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1    ductileness, ductility, flexibility, give     (informal)   plasticity, pliability, pliancy, pliantness, resilience, rubberiness, springiness, stretch, stretchiness, suppleness  
2    adaptability, adjustability, complaisance, compliantness, flexibility, suppleness, tolerance, variability  
3    bounce     (informal)   buoyancy, irrepressibility, resilience  

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