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egg tooth


      n   (in embryo birds and reptiles) a temporary tooth or (in birds) projection of the beak used for piercing the eggshell  
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      n   pl   , teeth  
1    any of various bonelike structures set in the jaws of most vertebrates and modified, according to the species, for biting, tearing, or chewing  
   Related adj       dental  
2    any of various similar structures in invertebrates, occurring in the mouth or alimentary canal  
3    anything resembling a tooth in shape, prominence, or function  
the tooth of a comb     
4    any of the various small indentations occurring on the margin of a leaf, petal, etc.  
5    any one of a number of uniform projections on a gear, sprocket, rack, etc., by which drive is transmitted  
6    taste or appetite (esp. in the phrase sweet tooth)  
7    long in the tooth   old or ageing: used originally of horses, because their gums recede with age  
8    tooth and nail   with ferocity and force  
we fought tooth and nail     
9    tr   to provide with a tooth or teeth  
10    intr   (of two gearwheels) to engage  
     (Old English toth; related to Old Saxon tand, Old High German zand, Old Norse tonn, Gothic tunthus, Latin dens)  
  toothless      adj  
  toothlike      adj  

baby tooth  
      n      another term for       milk tooth  
dog's-tooth check   , dog-tooth check  
      n      other names for       hound's-tooth check  
egg tooth  
      n   (in embryo birds and reptiles) a temporary tooth or (in birds) projection of the beak used for piercing the eggshell  
fine-tooth comb   , fine-toothed comb  
1    a comb with fine teeth set closely together  
2    go over (or through) with a fine-tooth(ed) comb   to examine very thoroughly  
hound's-tooth check  
      n   a pattern of broken or jagged checks, esp. one printed on or woven into cloth,   (Also called)    dogs-tooth check, dogtooth check  
milk tooth  
      n   any of the first teeth to erupt; a deciduous tooth,   (Also called)    baby tooth      See also       dentition  
skip-tooth saw  
      n   a saw with alternate teeth absent  
sweet tooth  
      n   a strong liking for sweet foods  
tooth powder  
      n   a powder used for cleaning the teeth, applied with a toothbrush  
tooth shell  
      n      another name for the       tusk shell  
      n   pl   , -tooths     (Austral. and N.Z.)   a sheep between one and two years old with two permanent incisor teeth  
wisdom tooth  
1    any of the four molar teeth, one at the back of each side of the jaw, that are the last of the permanent teeth to erupt,   (Technical name)    third molar  
2    cut one's wisdom teeth   to arrive at the age of discretion  

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fleshy part of stone fruits (egg. peaches, plums)
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