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egg spoon


      n   a small spoon for eating a boiled egg  
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1    a metal, wooden, or plastic utensil having a shallow concave part, usually elliptical in shape, attached to a handle, used in eating or serving food, stirring, etc.  
2      (Also called)    spoonbait   an angling lure for spinning or trolling, consisting of a bright piece of metal which swivels on a trace to which are attached a hook or hooks  
3      (Golf)   a former name for a No. 3 wood  
4    be born with a silver spoon in one's mouth   to inherit wealth or social standing  
5    wooden spoon     (Brit)      another name for       booby prize  
6      (Rowing)   a type of oar blade that is curved at the edges and tip to gain a firm grip on the water  
   Compare       spade   1       4  
7    tr   to scoop up or transfer (food, liquid, etc.) from one container to another with or as if with a spoon  
8    intr  
Slang, old-fashioned   to kiss and cuddle  
9    to hollow out (a cavity or spoon-shaped bowl) (in something)  
10      (Sport)   to hit (a ball) with a weak lifting motion, as in golf, cricket, etc.  
     (Old English spon splinter; related to Old Norse sponn spoon, chip, Old High German span)  

apostle spoon  
      n   a silver spoon with a figure of one of the Apostles on the handle  
egg-and-spoon race  
      n   a race in which runners carry an egg balanced in a spoon  
egg spoon  
      n   a small spoon for eating a boiled egg  
greasy spoon  
Slang   a small, cheap, and often unsanitary restaurant, usually specializing in fried foods  
runcible spoon  
      n   a forklike utensil with two broad prongs and one sharp curved prong  
     (runcible coined by Edward Lear in a nonsense poem (1871))  
      vb   , -feeds, -feeding, -fed   tr  
1    to feed with a spoon  
2    to overindulge or spoil  
3    to provide (a person) with ready-made opinions, judgments, etc., depriving him of original thought or action  
wooden spoon  
      n   a booby prize, esp. in sporting contests  

English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  

Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
fleshy part of stone fruits (egg. peaches, plums)
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