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      vb   tr  
1    to obliterate or make dim  
to efface a memory     
2    to make (oneself) inconspicuous or humble through modesty, cowardice, or obsequiousness  
3    to rub out (a line, drawing, etc.); erase  
     (C15: from French effacer, literally: to obliterate the face; see face)  
  effaceable      adj  
  effacement      n  
  effacer      n  
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1    annihilate, blot out, cancel, cross out, delete, destroy, dim, eradicate, erase, excise, expunge, extirpate, obliterate, raze, rub out, wipe out  
2      (of oneself)   be bashful, be diffident, be modest, be retiring, be timid, be unassertive, humble, lower, make inconspicuous, withdraw  

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