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1    any teleost fish of the order Apodes (or Anguilliformes), such as the European freshwater species Anguilla anguilla, having a long snakelike body, a smooth slimy skin, and reduced fins  
2    any of various other animals with a long body and smooth skin, such as the mud eel and the electric eel  
3    an evasive or untrustworthy person  
     (Old English æl; related to Old Frisian el, Old Norse all, Old High German al)  
  eel-like      adj  
  eely      adj  

congo eel   , snake  
      n   an aquatic salamander, Amphiuma means, having an eel-like body with gill slits and rudimentary limbs and inhabiting still muddy waters in the southern U.S.: family Amphiumidae  
electric eel  
      n   an eel-like freshwater cyprinoid fish, Electrophorus electricus, of N South America, having electric organs in the body: family Electrophoridae  
gulper eel   , fish  
      n   any deep-sea eel-like fish of the genera Eurypharynx and Saccopharynx and order Lyomeri, having the ability to swallow large prey  
lamper eel  
      n      another name for       lamprey  
     (C19 lamper, variant of lamprey)  
sand eel   , lance  
      n   any silvery eel-like marine spiny-finned fish of the family Ammodytidae found burrowing in sand or shingle,   (Popular name)    launce  
vinegar eel  
      n   a nematode worm, Anguillula aceti, that feeds on the organisms that cause fermentation in vinegar and other liquids,   (Also called)    vinegar worm, eelworm  
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