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1    the act or process of acquiring knowledge, esp. systematically during childhood and adolescence  
2    the knowledge or training acquired by this process  
his education has been invaluable to him     
3    the act or process of imparting knowledge, esp. at a school, college, or university  
education is my profession     
4    the theory of teaching and learning  
a course in education     
5    a particular kind of instruction or training  
a university education      consumer education  

basic education  
      n   (in India) education in which all teaching is correlated with the learning of a craft  
Certificate of Secondary Education  
      n      See       CSE  
Chief Education Officer  
      n     (Brit)   an official who is the chief administrative officer of a Local Education Authority,   (Also called)    Director of Education  
college of education  
      n     (Brit)   a professional training college for teachers  
community education  
      n   the provision of a wide range of educational and special interest courses and activities by a local authority  
conductive education  
      n   an educational system, developed in Hungary by András Petö, in which teachers (conductors) teach children and adults with motor disorders to function independently, by guiding them to attain their own goals in their own way  
development education  
      n     (Brit)   an area of study that aims to give pupils an understanding of their involvement in world affairs  
Director of Education  
      n     (Brit)      another term for       Chief Education Officer  
further education  
      n   (in Britain) formal education beyond school other than at a university or polytechnic  
General Certificate of Education  
      n      See       GCE  
General Certificate of Secondary Education  
      n      See       GCSE  
higher education  
      n   education and training at colleges, universities, polytechnics, etc.  
physical education  
      n   training and practice in sports, gymnastics, etc., as in schools and colleges,   (Abbrev.)    PE  
Scottish Certificate of Education  
      n      See       SCE  
Social Education Centre  
      n   a daycentre, run by a local authority, for mentally handicapped people and sometimes also for physically handicapped or mentally ill adults  
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breeding, civilization, coaching, cultivation, culture, development, discipline, drilling, edification, enlightenment, erudition, improvement, indoctrination, instruction, knowledge, nurture, scholarship, schooling, teaching, training, tuition, tutoring  

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