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echo plate


      n   (in sound recording or broadcasting) an electromechanical device for producing echo and reverbation effects  
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      n   pl   , -oes  
a    the reflection of sound or other radiation by a reflecting medium, esp. a solid object  
b    the sound so reflected  
2    a repetition or imitation, esp. an unoriginal reproduction of another's opinions  
3    something that evokes memories, esp. of a particular style or era  
4    sometimes pl   an effect that continues after the original cause has disappeared; repercussion  
the echoes of the French Revolution     
5    a person who copies another, esp. one who obsequiously agrees with another's opinions  
a    the signal reflected by a radar target  
b    the trace produced by such a signal on a radar screen  
7    the repetition of certain sounds or syllables in a verse line  
8    the quiet repetition of a musical phrase  
9      (Also called)    echo organ, echo stop   a manual or stop on an organ that controls a set of quiet pipes that give the illusion of sounding at a distance  
10    an electronic effect in recorded music that adds vibration or resonance  
      vb   , -oes, -oing, -oed  
11    to resound or cause to resound with an echo  
the cave echoed their shouts     
12    intr   (of sounds) to repeat or resound by echoes; reverberate  
13    tr   (of persons) to repeat (words, opinions, etc.), in imitation, agreement, or flattery  
14    tr   (of things) to resemble or imitate (another style, earlier model, etc.)  
15    tr   (of a computer) to display (a character) on the screen of a visual display unit as a response to receiving that character from a keyboard entry  
     (C14: via Latin from Greek ekho; related to Greek ekhe sound)  
  echoing      adj  
  echoless      adj  
  echo-like      adj  

Echo   [1]  
      n   either of two U.S. passive communications satellites, the first of which was launched in 1960  
Echo   [2]  
      n     (Greek myth)   a nymph who, spurned by Narcissus, pined away until only her voice remained  
Echo   [3]  
      n     (Communications)   code word for the letter e  
echo chamber  
      n   a room with walls that reflect sound. It is used to make acoustic measurements and as a source of reverberant sound to be mixed with direct sound for recording or broadcasting,   (Also called)    reverberation chamber  
echo plate  
      n   (in sound recording or broadcasting) an electromechanical device for producing echo and reverbation effects  
echo sounder  
      n   a navigation and position-finding device that determines depth by measuring the time taken for a pulse of high-frequency sound to reach the sea bed or a submerged object and for the echo to return  
  echo sounding      n  
1    something that has preceded and anticipated something else; precursor  
2    a fault in an audio recording in which a sound that is to come is heard too early: on tape sometimes caused by print-through  
      vb   , -oes, -oing, -oed  
1    to echo (a sound that is already an echo); resound  
2    tr   to repeat like an echo  
tape echo  
      n   a means of delaying the repeat of a sound by adjusting the time lapse between the recording and playback heads of a tape recorder,   (Also called)    tape slap  

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1    repeat, resound, reverberate  
2    ape, copy, imitate, mirror, parallel, parrot, recall, reflect, reiterate, reproduce, resemble, ring, second  
3    answer, repetition, reverberation  
4    copy, imitation, mirror image, parallel, reflection, reiteration, reproduction, ringing  
5    allusion, evocation, hint, intimation, memory, reminder, suggestion, trace  
6      (often plural)    aftereffect, aftermath, consequence, repercussion  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to speak or utter again ; (poetic) to answer, to echo
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