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      n   pl   , -ties  
1    unconventional or irregular behaviour  
2    deviation from a circular path or orbit  
3    a measure of the elongation of an elliptical orbit, esp. of a planet or satellite: the distance between the foci divided by the length of the major axis  
4      (Geometry)   a number that expresses the shape of a conic section: the ratio of the distance of a point on the curve from a fixed point (the focus) to the distance of the point from a fixed line (the directrix)  
5    the degree of displacement of the geometric centre of a part from the true centre, esp. of the axis of rotation of a wheel  
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aberration, abnormality, anomaly, bizarreness, caprice, capriciousness, foible, freakishness, idiosyncrasy, irregularity, nonconformity, oddity, oddness, outlandishness, peculiarity, queerness     (informal)   quirk, singularity, strangeness, unconventionality, waywardness, weirdness, whimsicality, whimsicalness  

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