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      n   the earphone in a telephone receiver  
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ear   [1]  
1    the organ of hearing and balance in higher vertebrates and of balance only in fishes. In man and other mammals it consists of three parts (see external ear, middle ear, internal ear)  
   Related adjs       aural       otic  
2    the outermost cartilaginous part of the ear (pinna) in mammals, esp. man  
3    the sense of hearing  
4    sensitivity to musical sounds, poetic diction, etc.  
he has an ear for music     
5    attention, esp. favourable attention; consideration; heed (esp. in the phrases give ear to, lend an ear)  
6    an object resembling the external ear in shape or position, such as a handle on a jug  
7      (Also called (esp. Brit.))    earpiece          a display box at the head of a newspaper page, esp. the front page, for advertisements, etc.  
8    all ears   very attentive; listening carefully  
9    by ear   without reading from written music  
10    fall on deaf ears   to be ignored or pass unnoticed  
11    have hard ears     (Caribbean)   to be stubbornly disobedient  
12    a flea in one's ear  
Informal   a sharp rebuke  
13    have the ear of   to be in a position to influence  
he has the ear of the president     
14    in one ear and out the other   heard but unheeded  
15    keep (or have) one's ear to the ground   to be or try to be well informed about current trends and opinions  
16    make a pig's ear of  
Informal   to ruin disastrously  
17    one's ears are burning   one is aware of being the topic of another's conversation  
18    out on one's ear  
Informal   dismissed unceremoniously  
19    play by ear  
a    to act according to the demands of a situation rather than to a plan; improvise  
b    to perform a musical piece on an instrument without written music  
20    prick up one's ears   to start to listen attentively; become interested  
21    set by the ears   to cause disagreement or commotion  
22    a thick ear  
Informal   a blow on the ear delivered as punishment, in anger, etc.  
23    turn a deaf ear   to be deliberately unresponsive  
24    up to one's ears  
Informal   deeply involved, as in work or debt  
25    wet behind the ears  
Informal   inexperienced; naive; immature  
     (Old English eare; related to Old Norse eyra, Old High German ora, Gothic auso, Greek ous, Latin auris)  
  earless      adj  
  earlike      adj  

      n   the earphone in a telephone receiver  

English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus  

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