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, dystrophia  
1    any of various bodily disorders, characterized by wasting of tissues  
   See also       muscular dystrophy  
2      (Ecology)   a condition of lake water when it is too acidic and poor in oxygen to support life, resulting from excessive humus content  
     (C19: New Latin dystrophia, from dys- + Greek trophe food)  
  dystrophic      adj  

Duchenne dystrophy   , Duchenne muscular dystrophy  
      n   the most common form of muscular dystrophy, usually affecting only boys,   (Abbrev.)    DMD  
     (named after Guillaume Duchenne (1806--75), French neurologist)  
muscular dystrophy  
      n   a genetic disease characterized by progressive deterioration and wasting of muscle fibres, causing difficulty in walking  
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