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1    functioning as sing   the branch of mechanics concerned with the forces that change or produce the motions of bodies  
   Compare       statics       kinematics  
2    functioning as sing   the branch of mechanics that includes statics and kinetics  
   See       statics       kinetics  
3    functioning as sing   the branch of any science concerned with forces  
4    those forces that produce change in any field or system  
5      (Music)  
a    the various degrees of loudness called for in performance  
b      (Also called)    dynamic marks, dynamic markings   directions and symbols used to indicate degrees of loudness  

computational fluid dynamics  
      n   functioning as sing   the prediction of the effects of fluid motion past objects by numerical methods rather than model experiments  
group dynamics  
      n   functioning as sing     (Psychol)   a field of social psychology concerned with the nature of human groups, their development, and their interactions with individuals, other groups, and larger organizations  
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active, alive and kicking, driving, electric, energetic, forceful, full of beans     (informal)   go-ahead, go-getting     (informal)   high-octane     (informal)   high-powered, lively, magnetic, powerful, vigorous, vital, zippy     (informal)  
   apathetic, couldn't-care-less     (informal)   impassive, inactive, listless, sluggish, torpid, undynamic, unenergetic  

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