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1    a staining or colouring substance, such as a natural or synthetic pigment  
2    a liquid that contains a colouring material and can be used to stain fabrics, skins, etc.  
3    the colour or shade produced by dyeing  
      vb   , dyes, dyeing, dyed  
4    tr   to impart a colour or stain to (something, such as fabric or hair) by or as if by the application of a dye  
     (Old English deagian, from deag a dye; related to Old High German tugon to change, Lettish dukans dark)  
  dyable, dyeable      adj  
  dyer      n  

acid dye  
      n   a dye in which the chromophore is part of a negative ion usually applied from an acidic solution  
aniline dye  
      n   any synthetic dye originally made from raw materials, such as aniline, obtained from coal tar  
azo dye  
      n   any of a class of artificial dyes that contain the azo group. They are usually red, brown, or yellow and are obtained from aromatic amines  
direct dye  
      n   any of a number of dyes that can be applied without the use of a mordant. They are usually azo dyes applied to cotton or rayon from a liquid bath containing an electrolyte such as sodium sulphate  
vat dye  
      n   a dye, such as indigo, that is applied by first reducing it to its leuco base, which is soluble in alkali, and then regenerating the insoluble dye by oxidation in the fibres of the material  
  vat-dyed      adj  
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      n   colorant, colour, colouring, pigment, stain, tinge, tint  
      vb   colour, pigment, stain, tincture, tinge, tint  

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purple dye sprayed by a police water cannon to mark the demonstrators for arrest. The purple substance was dubbed 'purple rain' by the press after an anti-apartheid protest held in Cape Town on September 2, 1989.
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