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1    copied exactly from an original  
2    identical  
3    existing as a pair or in pairs; twofold  
4    an exact copy; double  
5    something additional or supplementary of the same kind  
6    two exact copies (esp. in the phrase in duplicate)  
7    tr   to make a replica of  
8    tr   to do or make again  
9    tr   to make in a pair; make double  
10    intr     (Biology)   to reproduce by dividing into two identical parts  
the chromosomes duplicated in mitosis     
     (C15: from Latin duplicare to double, from duo two + plicare to fold)  
  duplicable      adj  
  duplicability      n  
  duplicately      adv  
  duplicative      adj  

duplicate bridge  
      n   a form of contract bridge, esp. at clubs and in competitions, in which the hands are kept as dealt and played by different players. The partners with the highest average score are the winners,   (Also called)    board bridge      Compare       rubber bridge  
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      adj   corresponding, identical, matched, matching, twin, twofold  
      n   carbon copy, clone, copy, dead ringer     (slang)   double, facsimile, fax, likeness, lookalike, match, mate, photocopy, Photostat     (Trademark)   replica, reproduction, ringer     (slang)   twin, Xerox     (Trademark)  
      vb   clone, copy, double, echo, fax, photocopy, Photostat     (Trademark)   reinvent the wheel, repeat, replicate, reproduce, Xerox     (Trademark)  

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