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1    a prearranged combat with deadly weapons between two people following a formal procedure in the presence of seconds and traditionally fought until one party was wounded or killed, usually to settle a quarrel involving a point of honour  
2    a contest or conflict between two persons or parties  
      vb   , duels, duelling, duelled  
     (U.S.)   , duels, dueling, dueled   intr  
3    to fight in a duel  
4    to contest closely  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin duellum, from Latin, poetical variant of bellum war; associated by folk etymology with Latin duo two)  
  dueller, duellist      n  
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1    affair of honour, single combat  
2    clash, competition, contest, encounter, engagement, fight, head-to-head, rivalry  
3    clash, compete, contend, contest, fight, lock horns, rival, struggle, vie with  

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