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duck shove


      vb     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   to evade responsibility  
  duck shover      n  
  duck shoving      n  
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duck          [1]  
      n   pl   , ducks, duck  
1    any of various small aquatic birds of the family Anatidae, typically having short legs, webbed feet, and a broad blunt bill: order Anseriformes  
2    the flesh of this bird, used as food  
3    the female of such a bird, as opposed to the male (drake)  
4    any other bird of the family Anatidae, including geese, and swans  
5      (Also)    ducks     (Brit)  
informal   dear or darling: used as a term of endearment or of general address  
   See also       ducky  
6    Informal   a person, esp. one regarded as odd or endearing  
7      (Cricket)   a score of nothing by a batsman  
8    like water off a duck's back  
Informal   without effect  
9    take to something like a duck to water  
Informal   to become adept at or attracted to something very quickly  
     (Old English duce duck, diver; related to duck2)  

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1    bend, bob, bow, crouch, dodge, drop, lower, stoop  
2    dip, dive, douse, dunk, immerse, plunge, souse, submerge, wet  
3      (informal)   avoid, body-swerve     (Scot.)   dodge, escape, evade, shirk, shun, sidestep  

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duck, duck, duck, duck

Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing or tents
also known as "cotton duck" or "duck canvas"
the best, the dog's bollocks , the bee's knees
a prank on Twitter consisting of posting a link to a picture of a duck on wheels
the duck's nuts, the best, the dog's bollocks
have everything together; have all things settled/organized
E.g.: Just when I had got all my ducks in a row and I was ready to go, I received a call and had to cancel my trip.
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