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      vb   , drips, dripping, dripped  
1    to fall or let fall in drops  
2    the formation and falling of drops of liquid  
3    the sound made by falling drops  
4      (Architect)   a projection at the front lower edge of a sill or cornice designed to throw water clear of the wall below  
5    Informal   an inane, insipid person  
6      (Med)  
a    the usually intravenous drop-by-drop administration of a therapeutic solution, as of salt or sugar  
b    the solution administered  
     (Old English dryppan, from dropa drop)  

1    designating clothing or a fabric that will dry relatively free of creases if hung up when wet  
      vb   , -dries, -drying, -dried  
2    to dry or become dry thus  
1       another name for       drip       6  
      vb   tr  
  drip feed  
2    to administer a solution (to someone) by means of a drip-feed  
3    Informal   to fund (a new company) in stages rather than by injecting a large sum at its inception  
postnasal drip  
      n     (Med)   a mucus secretion from the rear part of the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx, usually as the result of a cold or an allergy  
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1    dribble, drizzle, drop, exude, filter, plop, splash, sprinkle, trickle  
2    dribble, dripping, drop, leak, trickle  
3      (informal)   milksop, mummy's boy     (informal)   namby-pamby, ninny, softie     (informal)   weakling, weed     (informal)   wet     (Brit. informal)  

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