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1    a rotating tool that is inserted into a drilling machine or tool for boring cylindrical holes  
2    a hand tool, either manually or electrically operated, for drilling holes  
3      (Military)  
a    training in procedures or movements, as for ceremonial parades or the use of weapons  
b    (as modifier)  
drill hall     
4    strict and often repetitious training or exercises used as a method of teaching  
5    Informal   correct procedure or routine  
6    a marine gastropod mollusc, Urosalpinx cinera, closely related to the whelk, that preys on oysters  
7    to pierce, bore, or cut (a hole) in (material) with or as if with a drill  
to drill a hole, to drill metal     
8    to instruct or be instructed in military procedures or movements  
9    tr   to teach by rigorous exercises or training  
10    tr  
Informal   to hit (a ball) in a straight line at great speed  
11    tr  
Informal   to riddle with bullets  
     (C17: from Middle Dutch drillen; related to Old High German draen to turn)  
  drillable      adj  
  driller      n  
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