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drift net


      n   a large fishing net supported by floats or attached to a drifter that is allowed to drift with the tide or current  
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      vb   mainly intr  
1    also tr   to be carried along by or as if by currents of air or water or (of a current) to carry (a vessel, etc.) along  
2    to move aimlessly from place to place or from one activity to another  
3    to wander or move gradually away from a fixed course or point; stray  
4    also tr   (of snow, sand, etc.) to accumulate in heaps or banks or to drive (snow, sand, etc.) into heaps or banks  
5    something piled up by the wind or current, such as a snowdrift  
6    tendency, trend, meaning, or purport  
the drift of the argument     
7    a state of indecision or inaction  
8    the extent to which a vessel, aircraft, projectile, etc. is driven off its course by adverse winds, tide, or current  
9    a general tendency of surface ocean water to flow in the direction of the prevailing winds  
North Atlantic Drift     
10    a driving movement, force, or influence; impulse  
11    a controlled four-wheel skid, used by racing drivers to take bends at high speed  
12    a loose unstratified deposit of sand, gravel, etc., esp. one transported and deposited by a glacier or ice sheet  
13    a horizontal passage in a mine that follows the mineral vein  
14    something, esp. a group of animals, driven along by human or natural agencies  
a drift of cattle     
15      (Also called)    driftpin   a tapering steel tool driven into holes to enlarge or align them before bolting or riveting  
16    an uncontrolled slow change in some operating characteristic of a piece of equipment, esp. an electronic circuit or component  
17      (Linguistics)   gradual change in a language, esp. in so far as this is influenced by the internal structure of the language rather than by contact with other languages  
18      (S. African)   a ford  
19      (Engineering)   a copper or brass bar used as a punch  
     (C13: from Old Norse: snowdrift; related to Old High German trift pasturage)  
  drifty      adj  

continental drift  
      n     (Geology)   the theory that the earth's continents move gradually over the surface of the planet on a substratum of magma. The present-day configuration of the continents is thought to be the result of the fragmentation of a single landmass, Pangaea, that existed 200 million years ago  
   See also       plate tectonics  
drift anchor  
      n      another term for       sea anchor  
drift ice  
      n   masses of ice floating in the open sea  
drift net  
      n   a large fishing net supported by floats or attached to a drifter that is allowed to drift with the tide or current  
drift transistor  
      n   a transistor in which the impurity concentration in the base increases from the collector-base junction to the emitter-base junction, producing a resistivity gradient that greatly increases its high-frequency response  
drift tube  
      n     (Physics)   a hollow cylindrical electrode to which a radio-frequency voltage is applied in a linear accelerator  
longshore drift  
      n   the process whereby beach material is gradually shifted laterally as a result of waves meeting the shore at an oblique angle  
North Atlantic Drift   , Current  
      n   the warm ocean current flowing northeast, under the influence of prevailing winds, from the Gulf of Mexico towards NW Europe and warming its climate,   (Also called)    Gulf Stream  

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1    be carried along, coast, float, go (aimlessly), meander, stray, waft, wander  
2    accumulate, amass, bank up, drive, gather, pile up  
3    accumulation, bank, heap, mass, mound, pile  
4    course, current, direction, flow, impulse, movement, rush, sweep, trend  
5      (figurative)   aim, design, direction, gist, implication, import, intention, meaning, object, purport, scope, significance, tendency, tenor, thrust  

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