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      adj   , dreamier, dreamiest  
1    vague or impractical  
2    resembling a dream in quality  
3    relaxing; gentle  
dreamy music     
4    Informal   wonderful  
5    having dreams, esp. daydreams  
  dreamily      adv  
  dreaminess      n  
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1    airy-fairy, dreamlike, fanciful, imaginary, impractical, quixotic, speculative, surreal, vague, visionary  
2    chimerical, dreamlike, fantastic, intangible, misty, phantasmagoric, phantasmagorical, shadowy, unreal  
3    absent, abstracted, daydreaming, faraway, in a reverie, musing, pensive, preoccupied, vague, with one's head in the clouds  
4    calming, gentle, lulling, relaxing, romantic, soothing  
   common-sense, down-to-earth, feet-on-the-ground, practical, pragmatic, realistic, unromantic  

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