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,   (U.S.)   draft  
1    a current of air, esp. one intruding into an enclosed space  
a    the act of pulling a load, as by a vehicle or animal  
b    (as modifier)  
a draught horse     
3    the load or quantity drawn  
4    a portion of liquid to be drunk, esp. a dose of medicine  
5    the act or an instance of drinking; a gulp or swallow  
6    the act or process of drawing air, smoke, etc., into the lungs  
7    the amount of air, smoke, etc., inhaled in one breath  
a    beer, wine, etc., stored in bulk, esp. in a cask, as opposed to being bottled  
b    (as modifier)  
draught beer     
c    on draught   drawn from a cask or keg  
9      (Also called)    draughtsman   any one of the 12 flat thick discs used by each player in the game of draughts,   (U.S. and Canadian equivalent)    checker  
10    the depth of a loaded vessel in the water, taken from the level of the waterline to the lowest point of the hull  
11    feel the draught   to be short of money,   (See also)        draughts  
     (C14: probably from Old Norse drahtr, of Germanic origin; related to draw)  
  draughter     (U.S.)  
  drafter      n  

sleeping draught  
      n   any drink containing a drug or agent that induces sleep  
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1      (of air)   current, flow, influx, movement, puff  
2    dragging, drawing, haulage, pulling, traction  
3    cup, dose, drench, drink, potion, quantity  

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