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1    a pipe or channel that carries off water, sewage, etc.  
2    an instance or cause of continuous diminution in resources or energy; depletion  
3      (Surgery)   a device, such as a tube, for insertion into a wound, incision, or bodily cavity to drain off pus, etc.  
4      (Electronics)   the electrode region in a field-effect transistor into which majority carriers flow from the interelectrode conductivity channel  
5    down the drain   wasted  
6    tr; often foll by: off   to draw off or remove (liquid) from  
to drain water from vegetables, to drain vegetables     
7    intr; often foll by: away   to flow (away) or filter (off)  
8    intr   to dry or be emptied as a result of liquid running off or flowing away  
leave the dishes to drain     
9    tr   to drink the entire contents of (a glass, cup, etc.)  
10    tr   to consume or make constant demands on (resources, energy, etc.); exhaust; sap  
11    intr   to disappear or leave, esp. gradually  
the colour drained from his face     
12    tr   (of a river, etc.) to carry off the surface water from (an area)  
13    intr   (of an area) to discharge its surface water into rivers, streams, etc.  
     (Old English dreahnian; related to Old Norse drangr dry wood; see dry)  
  drainable      adj  
  drainer      n  

brain drain  
Informal   the emigration of scientists, technologists, academics, etc., for better pay, equipment, or conditions  
catchwater drain  
      n   a channel cut along the edge of high ground to catch surface water from it and divert it away from low-lying ground  
drain rod  
      n   one of a series of flexible rods with threaded ends that screw together and can be pushed to and fro in a drain to clear a blockage  
field drain   , tile  
      n   an underground earthenware pipe used for draining fields  
mole drain  
      n   an underground cylindrical drainage channel cut by a special plough to drain heavy agricultural soil  
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1    bleed, draw off, dry, empty, evacuate, milk, pump off or out, remove, tap, withdraw  
2    consume, deplete, dissipate, empty, exhaust, sap, strain, tax, use up, weary  
3    discharge, effuse, exude, flow out, leak, ooze, seep, trickle, well out  
4    drink up, finish, gulp down, quaff, swallow  
5    channel, conduit, culvert, ditch, duct, outlet, pipe, sewer, sink, trench, watercourse  
6    depletion, drag, exhaustion, expenditure, reduction, sap, strain, withdrawal  
7    down the drain      gone, gone for good, lost, ruined, wasted  

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drain; filter; percolate
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