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draft dodger


      n     (U.S)   one who evades compulsory military service  
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1    a plan, sketch, or drawing of something  
2    a preliminary outline of a book, speech, etc.  
3       another word for       bill of exchange  
4    a demand or drain on something  
5    the divergent duct leading from a water turbine to its tailrace  
6      (U.S.)   selection for compulsory military service  
7    detachment of military personnel from one unit to another  
8      (Commerce)   an allowance on merchandise sold by weight  
9    a line or narrow border that is chiselled on the surface of a stone to serve as a guide for levelling it  
10      (Austral. and N.Z.)   a group of livestock separated from the rest of the herd or flock  
      vb   tr  
11    to draw up an outline or sketch for something  
to draft a speech     
12    to prepare a plan or design of  
13    to detach (military personnel) from one unit to another  
14      (Chiefly U.S.)   to select for compulsory military service  
15    to chisel a draft on (stone, etc.)  
16      (Austral. and N.Z.)  
a    to select (cattle or sheep) from a herd or flock  
b    to select (farm stock) for sale  
17       the usual U.S. spelling of       draught       1--8, 11  
     (C16: variant of draught)  
  drafter      n  

bank draft  
      n   a cheque drawn by a bank on itself, which is bought by a person to pay a supplier unwilling to accept a normal cheque,   (Also called)    bankers cheque  
draft board  
      n     (U.S)   a tribunal responsible for the selection of personnel liable for compulsory military service  
draft dodger  
      n     (U.S)   one who evades compulsory military service  
draft-quality printing  
      n     (Computing)   low-quality, high-speed output in printed form from a printer linked to a word processor  
   Compare       letter-quality printing  

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1    compose, delineate, design, draw, draw up, formulate, outline, plan, sketch  
2    abstract, delineation, outline, plan, preliminary form, rough, sketch, version  
3    bill     (of exchange)   cheque, order, postal order  

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