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1    unlikely; improbable  
2    characterized by or causing doubt; uncertain  
a doubtful answer     
3    unsettled; unresolved  
4    of questionable reputation or morality  
5    having reservations or misgivings  
  doubtfully      adv  
  doubtfulness      n  
It was formerly considered correct to use whether after doubtful (it is doubtful whether he will come), but now if and that are also acceptable  
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1    ambiguous, debatable, dodgy     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. informal)   dubious, equivocal, hazardous, iffy     (informal)   inconclusive, indefinite, indeterminate, inexact, obscure, precarious, problematic(al), questionable, unclear, unconfirmed, unsettled, vague  
2    distrustful, hesitating, in two minds     (informal)   irresolute, leery     (slang)   perplexed, sceptical, suspicious, tentative, uncertain, unconvinced, undecided, unresolved, unsettled, unsure, vacillating, wavering  
3    disreputable, dodgy     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. informal)   dubious, questionable, shady     (informal)   suspect, suspicious  
1 & 2    certain, decided, definite, indubitable, positive, resolute  

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