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door furniture


      n   locks, handles, etc., designed for use on doors  
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a    a hinged or sliding panel for closing the entrance to a room, cupboard, etc.  
b    (in combination)  
doorbell, doorknob     
2    a doorway or entrance to a room or building  
3    a means of access or escape  
a door to success     
4    lay at someone's door   to lay (the blame or responsibility) on someone  
5    out of doors   in or into the open air  
6    show someone the door   to order someone to leave,   (See also)        next door  
     (Old English duru; related to Old Frisian dure, Old Norse dyrr, Old High German turi, Latin fores, Greek thura)  

automatic door  
      n   a self-opening door  
back door  
1    a door at the rear or side of a building  
2    a means of entry to a job, position, etc., that is secret, underhand, or obtained through influence  
barn door  
1    the door of a barn  
2    Informal   a target so large that it cannot be missed  
3      (Photog, television, etc.)   an adjustable flap over the front of a studio or theatre lamp  
cat door  
      n   a small door or flap in a larger door through which a cat can pass  
      adj   private; barred to members of the public  
a closed-door meeting     
door furniture  
      n   locks, handles, etc., designed for use on doors  
door to door  
      adj   door-to-door when prenominal  
1    (of selling, canvassing, etc.) from one house to the next  
2    (of journeys, deliveries, etc.) direct  
Dutch door  
      n      the U.S. and Canadian name for       stable door  
fire door  
1    a door made of noncombustible material, the purpose of which is to prevent a fire from spreading within a building  
2    a similar door, leading to the outside of a building, that can be easily opened from inside; emergency exit  
folding door  
      n   a door in the form of two or more vertical hinged leaves that can be folded one against another  
front door  
1    the main entrance to a house  
2    an open legitimate means of obtaining a job, position, etc.  
to get in by the front door     
next door  
      adj   next-door when prenominal  
      adv   at, in, or to the adjacent house, flat, building, etc.  
we live next door to the dentist, the next-door house     
open door  
1    a policy or practice by which a nation grants opportunities for trade to all other nations equally  
2    free and unrestricted admission  
3    open to all; accessible  
4    (in industrial relations) designating a policy of management being prepared to talk to workers in the office at any time  
      adj   prenominal      another term for       outdoor  
overhead door  
      n   a door that rotates on a horizontal axis and is supported horizontally when open,   (Sometimes shortened to)    overhead  
revolving door  
1    a door that rotates about a central vertical axis, esp. one with four leaves arranged at right angles to each other, thereby excluding draughts  
a    Informal   a tendency to change personnel on a frequent basis  
b    (as modifier)  
a revolving-door band     
a    Informal   the hiring of former government employees by private companies with which they had dealings when they worked for the government  
b    (as modifier)  
revolving-door consultancies     
stable door  
      n   a door with an upper and lower leaf that may be opened separately,   (U.S. and Canadian equivalent)    Dutch door  
stage door  
      n   a door at a theatre leading backstage  
storm door  
      n   an extra outer door for protection in bad weather  
street door  
      n   the door of a house that opens onto the street  
swing door   , swinging door  
      n   a door pivoted or hung on double-sided hinges so that it can open either way  
trap door  
1    a door or flap flush with and covering an opening, esp. in a ceiling  
2    the opening so covered  
trap-door spider  
      n   any of various spiders of the family Ctenizidae that construct a silk-lined hole in the ground closed by a hinged door of earth and silk  

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1    doorway, egress, entrance, entry, exit, ingress, opening  
2    lay at the door of      blame, censure, charge, hold responsible, impute to  
3    out of doors      alfresco, in the air, out, outdoors, outside  
4    show someone the door      ask to leave, boot out     (informal)   bounce     (slang)   eject, oust, show out  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
Type of car with a hatch at the rear of the car, above the cargo area of the aft compartment, that opens upwards when opening the boot door.
a relocator refers to a person or company reponsible for the moving or relocating or one or more objects from one place to another. used in a sentence as "I am looking to hire some furniture relocators to move my items from one place to another."
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