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1    a small model or dummy of a human being, used as a toy  
2    Slang   a pretty girl or woman of little intelligence: sometimes used as a term of address  
     (C16: probably from Doll, pet name for Dorothy)  
  dollish      adj  
  dollishly      adv  
  dollishness      n  

Barbie doll   , Barbie  
1    Trademark   a teenage doll with numerous sets of clothes and accessories  
2    Slang, usually derogatory   a superficially attractive but insipid young woman  
doll up  
      vb   tr, adv  
Slang   to adorn or dress (oneself or another, esp. a child) in a stylish or showy manner  
Dutch doll  
      n   a jointed wooden doll  
kewpie doll  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
1    any brightly coloured doll, commonly given as a prize at carnivals  
2    caps   Trademark   a doll having rosy cheeks and a curl of hair on its head  
     (C20 kewpie, perhaps from Cupid)  
Russian doll  
      n   any of a set of hollow wooden figures, each of which splits in half to contain the next smallest figure, down to the smallest  
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doll up

deck out, dress up (like a dog's dinner), get ready, gussy up     (slang)   preen, primp, prink, tart up     (slang)   titivate, trick out  

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