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division of labour


      n   a system of organizing the manufacture of an article in a series of separate specialized operations, each of which is carried out by a different worker or group of workers  
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1    the act of dividing or state of being divided  
2    the act of sharing out; distribution  
3    something that divides or keeps apart, such as a boundary  
4    one of the parts, groups, etc., into which something is divided  
5    a part of a government, business, country, etc., that has been made into a unit for administrative, political, or other reasons  
6    a formal vote in Parliament or a similar legislative body  
7    a difference of opinion, esp. one that causes separation  
8    (in sports) a section, category, or class organized according to age, weight, skill, etc.  
9    a mathematical operation, the inverse of multiplication, in which the quotient of two numbers or quantities is calculated. Usually written: a ÷ b, <divab>, a/b  
a      (Army)   a major formation, larger than a regiment or brigade but smaller than a corps, containing the necessary arms to sustain independent combat  
b      (Navy)   a group of ships of similar type or a tactical unit of naval aircraft  
c      (Air Force)   an organization normally comprising two or more wings with required support units  
11    pl     (Navy)   the assembly of all crew members for the captain's inspection  
12      (Biology)   (in traditional classification systems) a major category of the plant kingdom that contains one or more related classes  
   Compare       phylum       1  
13      (Horticulture)   any type of propagation in plants in which a new plant grows from a separated part of the original  
14      (Logic)   the fallacy of inferring that the properties of the whole are also true of the parts, as Britain is in debt, so John Smith is in debt  
15    (esp. in 17th-century English music) the art of breaking up a melody into quick phrases, esp. over a ground bass  
     (C14: from Latin divisio, from dividere to divide)  
  divisional, divisionary      adj  
  divisionally      adv  

cell division  
      n     (Cytology)   the division of a cell into two new cells during growth or reproduction  
   See       amitosis       meiosis       mitosis  
division of labour  
      n   a system of organizing the manufacture of an article in a series of separate specialized operations, each of which is carried out by a different worker or group of workers  
division sign  
      n   the symbol ÷, placed between the dividend and the divisor to indicate division, as in 12 ÷ 6 = 2  
Family Division  
      n     (Brit. law)   a division of the High Court of Justice dealing with divorce, the custody of and rights of access to children, etc.  
frequency-division multiplex  
      n      See       multiplex       1  
Queen's Bench Division  
      n   (in England when the sovereign is female) one of the divisions of the High Court of Justice,   (Also called (when the sovereign is male))    Kings Bench  
reduction division  
      n      another name for       meiosis  
short division  
      n   the division of numbers, usually integers, that can be worked out mentally rather than on paper  
time-division multiplex  
      n      See       multiplex       1  

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1    bisection, cutting up, detaching, dividing, partition, separation, splitting up  
2    allotment, apportionment, distribution, sharing  
3    border, boundary, demarcation, divide, divider, dividing line, partition  
4    branch, category, class, compartment, department, group, head, part, portion, section, sector, segment  
5    breach, difference of opinion, disagreement, discord, disunion, estrangement, feud, rupture, split, variance  
5    accord, agreement, concord, harmony, peace, union, unity  

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surgical division of a tendon
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