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      vb   mainly tr  
1    when intr, foll by: between or among   to make, show, or recognize a difference or differences (between or among); differentiate (between)  
2    to be a distinctive feature of; characterize  
3    to make out; perceive  
4    to mark for a special honour or title  
5    to make (oneself) noteworthy  
he distinguished himself by his cowardice     
6    to classify; categorize  
we distinguished three species     
     (C16: from Latin distinguere to separate, discriminate)  
  distinguishable      adj  
  distinguishably      adv  
  distinguisher      n  
  distinguishing      adj  
  distinguishingly      adv  
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1    ascertain, decide, determine, differentiate, discriminate, judge, tell apart, tell between, tell the difference  
2    categorize, characterize, classify, individualize, make distinctive, mark, separate, set apart, single out  
3    discern, know, make out, perceive, pick out, recognize, see, tell  
4    celebrate, dignify, honour, immortalize, make famous, signalize  

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