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,   (U.S.)   distill  
      vb   , -tils, -tills, -tilling, -tilled  
1    to subject to or undergo distillation  
   See also       rectify       2  
2    sometimes foll by: out or off   to purify, separate, or concentrate, or be purified, separated, or concentrated by distillation  
3    to obtain or be obtained by distillation  
to distil whisky     
4    to exude or give off (a substance) in drops or small quantities  
5    tr   to extract the essence of as if by distillation  
     (C14: from Latin destillare to distil, from de- + stillare to drip)  
  distillable      adj  
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condense, draw out, evaporate, express, extract, press out, purify, rectify, refine, sublimate, vaporize  

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