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1    to go or cause to go into solution  
salt dissolves in water, water dissolves sugar     
2    to become or cause to become liquid; melt  
3    to disintegrate or disperse  
4    to come or bring to an end  
5    to dismiss (a meeting, parliament, etc.) or (of a meeting, etc.) to be dismissed  
6    to collapse or cause to collapse emotionally  
to dissolve into tears     
7    to lose or cause to lose distinctness or clarity  
8    tr   to terminate legally, as a marriage, etc.  
9    intr     (Films, television)   to fade out one scene and replace with another to make two scenes merge imperceptibly (fast dissolve) or slowly overlap (slow dissolve) over a period of about three or four seconds  
10      (Films, television)   a scene filmed or televised by dissolving  
     (C14: from Latin dissolvere to make loose, from dis-1 + solvere to release)  
  dissolvable      adj  
  dissolvability, dissolvableness      n  
  dissolver      n  

lap dissolve  
      n     (Films)   the technique of allowing the end of one scene to overlap the beginning of the next scene by fading out the former while fading in the latter  
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1    deliquesce, flux, fuse, liquefy, melt, soften, thaw  
2    break down, crumble, decompose, diffuse, disappear, disintegrate, disperse, dissipate, dwindle, evanesce, evaporate, fade, melt away, perish, vanish, waste away  
3    axe     (informal)   break up, destroy, discontinue, dismiss, end, overthrow, ruin, suspend, terminate, wind up  
4    break into or up, collapse, disorganize, disunite, divorce, loose, resolve into, separate, sever  

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