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      vb   tr  
1    to remove or discharge from employment or service  
2    to send away or allow to go or disperse  
3    to dispel from one's mind; discard; reject  
4    to cease to consider (a subject)  
they dismissed the problem     
5    to decline further hearing to (a claim or action)  
the judge dismissed the case     
6      (Cricket)   to bowl out a side for a particular number of runs  
      sentence substitute  
7      (Military)   an order to end an activity or give permission to disperse  
     (C15: from Medieval Latin dismissus sent away, variant of Latin dimissus, from dimittere, from di- dis-1 + mittere to send)  
  dismissible      adj  
  dismissive      adj  
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1    axe     (informal)   cashier, discharge, fire     (informal)   give notice to, give (someone) their marching orders, give the boot to     (slang)   give the bullet to     (Brit. slang)   kiss off     (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.)   lay off, oust, remove, sack     (informal)   send packing     (informal)  
2    disband, disperse, dissolve, free, let go, release, send away  
3    banish, discard, dispel, disregard, drop, lay aside, pooh-pooh, put out of one's mind, reject, relegate, repudiate, set aside, shelve, spurn  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
do not take into account, disregard, ignore on purpose, avoid, dismiss
E.g: His boss asked him for a report, but he gave it the go-by.
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