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1    to throw out (swallowed food, etc.) from the throat or stomach; vomit  
2    to discharge or empty of (contents)  
3    tr   to yield up unwillingly or under pressure  
4    tr     (Angling)   to remove (a hook) from the mouth or throat of (a fish)  
  disgorgement      n  
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1    barf     (U.S. slang)   belch, blow lunch     (U.S. slang)   chuck (up)     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   chunder     (slang, chiefly Austral.)   discharge, do a technicolour yawn     (slang)   eject, empty, expel, lose one's lunch     (U.S. slang)   regurgitate, spew, spit up, spout, throw up, toss one's cookies     (U.S. slang)   upchuck     (U.S. slang)   vomit  
2    cede, give up, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, yield  

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