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1    tr   to release or allow to go  
the hospital discharged the patient     
2    tr   to dismiss from or relieve of duty, office, employment, etc.  
3    to fire or be fired, as a gun  
4    to pour forth or cause to pour forth  
the boil discharges pus     
5    tr   to remove (the cargo) from (a boat, etc.); unload  
6    tr   to perform (the duties of) or meet (the demands of an office, obligation, etc.)  
he discharged his responsibilities as mayor     
7    tr   to relieve oneself of (a responsibility, debt, etc.)  
8    intr     (Physics)  
a    to lose or remove electric charge  
b    to form an arc, spark, or corona in a gas  
c    to take or supply electrical current from a cell or battery  
9    tr     (Law)   to release (a prisoner from custody, etc.)  
10    tr   to remove dye from (a fabric), as by bleaching  
11    intr   (of a dye or colour) to blur or run  
12    tr     (Architect)  
a    to spread (weight) evenly over a supporting member  
b    to relieve a member of (excess weight) by distribution of pressure  
13    a person or thing that is discharged  
a    dismissal or release from an office, job, institution, etc.  
b    the document certifying such release  
15    the fulfilment of an obligation or release from a responsibility or liability  
16    the act of removing a load, as of cargo  
17    a pouring forth of a fluid; emission  
a    the act of firing a projectile  
b    the volley, bullet, missile, etc., fired  
19      (Law)  
a    a release, as of a person held under legal restraint  
b    an annulment, as of a court order  
20      (Physics)  
a    the act or process of removing or losing charge or of equalizing a potential difference  
b    a transient or continuous conduction of electricity through a gas by the formation and movement of electrons and ions in an applied electric field  
  dischargeable      adj  
  discharger      n  

brush discharge  
      n   a slightly luminous electrical discharge between points of high charge density when the charge density is insufficient to cause a spark or around sharp points on a highly charged conductor because of ionization of air molecules in their vicinity  
corona discharge  
      n   an electrical discharge appearing on and around the surface of a charged conductor, caused by ionization of the surrounding gas,   (Also called)    corona      See also       Saint Elmo's fire  
discharge tube  
      n     (Electronics)   an electrical device in which current flow is by electrons and ions in an ionized gas, as in a fluorescent light or neon tube  
disruptive discharge  
      n   a sudden large increase in current through an insulating medium resulting from failure of the medium to withstand an applied electric field  
electric discharge  
      n     (Physics)      another name for       discharge       20b  
electric-discharge lamp  
      n      another name for       fluorescent lamp  
gas-discharge tube  
      n     (Electronics)   any tube in which an electric discharge takes place through a gas  
glow discharge  
      n   a silent luminous discharge of electricity through a low-pressure gas  
honourable discharge  
      n      See       discharge       15  
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1    absolve, acquit, allow to go, clear, exonerate, free, liberate, pardon, release, set free  
2    acquittal, clearance, exoneration, liberation, pardon, release, remittance  
3    cashier, discard, dismiss, eject, expel, fire     (informal)   give (someone) the boot     (slang)   give (someone) the sack     (informal)   oust, remove, sack     (informal)  
4    congé, demobilization, dismissal, ejection, the boot     (slang)   the (old) heave-ho     (informal)   the order of the boot     (slang)   the sack     (informal)  
5    detonate, explode, fire, let loose     (informal)   let off, set off, shoot  
6    blast, burst, detonation, discharging, explosion, firing, fusillade, report, salvo, shot, volley  
7    disembogue, dispense, emit, empty, excrete, exude, give off, gush, leak, ooze, pour forth, release, void  
8    emission, emptying, excretion, flow, ooze, pus, secretion, seepage, suppuration, vent, voiding  
9    disburden, lighten, off-load, remove, unburden, unload  
10    disburdening, emptying, unburdening, unloading  
11    accomplish, carry out, do, execute, fulfil, observe, perform  
12    accomplishment, achievement, execution, fulfilment, observance, performance  
13    clear, honour, meet, pay, relieve, satisfy, settle, square up  
14    payment, satisfaction, settlement  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
1. the discharge or release of a person appearing in court of all criminal charges because they have been found not guilty. 2. a release from an obligation, duty, or debt.
legal E.g After the clear acquittal from the judge, he had to start his life all over again.
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