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disc plough


      n   a plough that cuts by means of revolving steel discs  
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disc   ,   (now esp. U.S.)   disk  
1    a flat circular plate  
2    something resembling or appearing to resemble this  
the sun's disc     
3       another word for (gramophone)       record  
4      (Anatomy)   any approximately circular flat structure in the body, esp. an intervertebral disc  
a    the flat receptacle of composite flowers, such as the daisy  
b    (as modifier)  
a disc flower     
6    the middle part of the lip of an orchid  
a      (Also called)    parking disc   a marker or device for display in a parked vehicle showing the time of arrival or the latest permitted time of departure or both  
b    (as modifier)  
a disc zone, disc parking     
8      (Computing)      a variant spelling of       disk       2  
9    to work (land) with a disc harrow  
     (C18: from Latin discus, from Greek diskos quoit)  

black disc  
      n   a conventional black vinyl gramophone record as opposed to a compact disc  
compact disc  
      n   a small digital audio disc on which sound is recorded as a series of metallic pits enclosed in PVC; the disc is spun by the compact disc player and read by an optical laser system,   (Also called)    compact audio disc     (Abbrevs.)    CD, CAD  
compact disc player  
      n   a machine with a laser beam for playing compact discs  
compact video disc  
      n   a compact laser disc that plays both pictures and sound,   (Abbrev.)    CDV  
      abbrev. for  
1    discount  
2    discovered  
disc brake  
      n   a type of brake in which two calliper-operated pads rub against a flat disc attached to the wheel hub when the brake is applied  
disc flower   , floret  
      n   any of the small tubular flowers at the centre of the flower head of certain composite plants, such as the daisy  
   Compare       ray flower  
disc harrow  
      n   a harrow with sharp-edged slightly concave discs mounted on horizontal shafts and used to cut clods or debris on the surface of the soil or to cover seed after planting  
disc jockey  
      n   a person who announces and plays recorded music, esp. pop music, on a radio programme, etc.,   (Abbrevs.)    DJ, dj  
disc plough  
      n   a plough that cuts by means of revolving steel discs  
disc wheel  
      n   a road wheel of a motor vehicle that has a round pressed disc in place of spokes  
   Compare       wire wheel  
gold disc  
a    (in Britain) an LP record certified to have sold 250000 copies or a single certified to have sold 500000 copies  
b    (in the U.S.) an LP record or single certified to have sold 1000000 copies or a single certified to have sold 500000 copies  
   Compare       silver disc       platinum disc  
intervertebral disc  
      n   any of the cartilaginous discs between individual vertebrae, acting as shock absorbers  
optical disc  
      n     (Computing)   an inflexible disc on which information is stored in digital form by laser technology,   (Also called)    video disc  
optic disc  
      n   a small oval-shaped area on the retina marking the site of entrance into the eyeball of the optic nerve  
   See       blind spot       1  
parking disc  
      n      See       disc       7a  
platinum disc  
a    (in Britain) an album certified to have sold 300000 copies or a single certified to have sold 600000 copies  
b    (in the U.S.) an album or single certified to have sold one million copies  
   Compare       gold disc       silver disc  
Rayleigh disc  
      n   a small light disc suspended in the path of a sound wave, used to measure the intensity of the sound by analysing the resulting deflection of the disc  
silver disc  
      n   (in Britain) an album certified to have sold 60000 copies or a single certified to have sold 200000 copies  
   Compare       gold disc       platinum disc  
slipped disc  
      n     (Pathol)   a herniated intervertebral disc, often resulting in pain because of pressure on the spinal nerves  
sun disc  
      n   a disc symbolizing the sun, esp. one flanked by two serpents and the extended wings of a vulture, used as a religious figure in ancient Egypt  
tax disc  
      n   a paper disc displayed on the windscreen of a motor vehicle showing that the tax due on it has been paid  

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, disk  
1    circle, discus, plate, saucer  
2    gramophone record, phonograph record     (U.S. & Canad.)   platter     (U.S. slang)   record, vinyl  

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a Registered Trademark owned by WHAM-O INC, commonly used to refer its famous flying disc
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