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      vb   , -grees, -greeing, -greed   intr; often foll by: with  
1    to dissent in opinion (from another person) or dispute (about an idea, fact, etc.)  
2    to fail to correspond; conflict  
3    to be unacceptable (to) or unfavourable (for); be incompatible (with)  
curry disagrees with me     
4    to be opposed (to) in principle  
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1    be discordant, be dissimilar, conflict, contradict, counter, depart, deviate, differ, diverge, run counter to, vary  
2    argue, be at sixes and sevens, bicker, clash, contend, contest, cross swords, debate, differ (in opinion), dispute, dissent, fall out     (informal)   have words     (informal)   object, oppose, quarrel, take issue with, wrangle  
3    be injurious, bother, discomfort, distress, hurt, make ill, nauseate, sicken, trouble, upset  
   accord, agree, coincide, concur, get on (together), harmonize  

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