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dip out


      vb   intr, adv     (Austral. and N.Z.)  
informal   often foll by: on   to miss out on or fail to participate in something  
he dipped out in the examination     
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1    bathe, douse, duck, dunk, immerse, plunge, rinse, souse  
2    decline, descend, disappear, droop, drop (down), fade, fall, lower, sag, set, sink, slope, slump, subside, tilt  
3    ladle, scoop, spoon  
4      (with)       in or into   browse, dabble, glance at, peruse, play at, run over, sample, skim, try  
5      (with)       in or into   draw upon, reach into  
6    douche, drenching, ducking, immersion, plunge, soaking  
7    bathe, dive, plunge, swim  
8    concoction, dilution, infusion, mixture, preparation, solution, suspension  
9    basin, concavity, depression, hole, hollow, incline, slope  
10    decline, drop, fall, lowering, sag, slip, slump  

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