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dip needle


      n   a magnetized needle pivoted through its centre of gravity able to rotate freely in a vertical plane, used to determine the inclination of the earth's magnetic field  
   See also       dip circle  
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1    a pointed slender piece of metal, usually steel, with a hole or eye in it through which thread is passed for sewing  
2    a somewhat larger rod with a point at one or each end, used in knitting  
3    a similar instrument with a hook at one end for crocheting  
a       another name for       stylus       3  
b    a small thin pointed device, esp. one made of stainless steel, used to transmit the vibrations from a gramophone record to the pick-up  
5      (Med)  
a    the long hollow pointed part of a hypodermic syringe, which is inserted into the body  
b       an informal name for       hypodermic syringe  
6      (Surgery)   a pointed steel instrument, often curved, for suturing, puncturing, or ligating  
7    a long narrow stiff leaf in which water loss is greatly reduced  
pine needles     
8    any slender sharp spine, such as the spine of a sea urchin  
9    any slender pointer for indicating the reading on the scale of a measuring instrument  
10       short for       magnetic needle  
11    a crystal resembling a needle in shape  
12    a sharp pointed metal instrument used in engraving and etching  
13    anything long and pointed, such as an obelisk  
a needle of light     
14    a short horizontal beam passed through a wall and supported on vertical posts to take the load of the upper part of the wall  
15    Informal  
a    anger or intense rivalry, esp. in a sporting encounter  
b    (as modifier)  
a needle match     
16    have or get the needle (to)     (Brit)  
informal   to feel dislike, distaste, nervousness, or annoyance (for)  
she got the needle after he had refused her invitation     
17    tr  
Informal   to goad or provoke, as by constant criticism  
18    tr   to sew, embroider, or prick (fabric) with a needle  
19    tr     (U.S.)   to increase the alcoholic strength of (beer or other beverages)  
20    intr   (of a substance) to form needle-shaped crystals  
     (Old English nædl; related to Gothic nethla, German Nadel)  

      n   a North American liliaceous plant, Yucca filamentosa, that has a tall woody stem, stiff pointed leaves, and large clusters of white flowers arranged in spikes. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant  
   See also       Spanish bayonet  
Cleopatra's Needle  
      n   either of two Egyptian obelisks, originally set up at Heliopolis about 1500 b.c.: one was moved to the Thames Embankment, London, in 1878, the other to Central Park, New York, in 1880  
darning needle  
1    a long needle with a large eye used for darning  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)      a dialect name for a       dragonfly  
devil's darning needle  
      n      a popular name for a       dragonfly  
dip needle  
      n   a magnetized needle pivoted through its centre of gravity able to rotate freely in a vertical plane, used to determine the inclination of the earth's magnetic field  
   See also       dip circle  
electric needle  
      n   a surgical instrument for cutting tissue by the application of a high-frequency current  
ice needle  
      n     (Meteorol)   one of many needle-like ice crystals that form cirrus clouds in clear cold weather  
magnetic needle  
      n   a slender magnetized rod used in certain instruments, such as the magnetic compass, for indicating the direction of a magnetic field  
needle bearing  
      n     (Engineering)   an antifriction roller bearing in which long rollers of very small diameter fill the race without a cage to provide spacers between them  
needle exchange  
      n   a centre where drug users can exchange used hypodermic syringes for new ones  
needle fly  
      n   a small stonefly of the genus Leuctra, whose rolled-up wings at rest give it a slender pointed appearance  
needle time  
      n   the limited time allocated by a radio channel to the broadcasting of music from records  
needle valve  
      n   a valve with a needle-like part that can be moved to control the flow of a fluid  
pine needle  
      n   any of the fine pointed leaves of a pine  
shepherd's needle  
      n   a European umbelliferous plant, Scandix pectenveneris, with long needle-like fruits  

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      vb   aggravate     (informal)   annoy, bait, be on one's back     (slang)   gall, get in one's hair     (informal)   get on one's nerves     (informal)   get under one's skin     (informal)   goad, harass, hassle     (informal)   irk, irritate, nag, nark     (Brit., Austral., & N.Z. slang)   nettle, pester, piss one off     (taboo slang)   prick, prod, provoke, rile, ruffle, spur, sting, taunt  

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