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, diffusor  
1    a person or thing that diffuses  
2    a part of a lighting fixture consisting of a translucent or frosted covering or of a rough reflector: used to scatter the light and prevent glare  
3    a cone, wedge, or baffle placed in front of the diaphragm of a loudspeaker to diffuse the sound waves  
4    a duct, esp. in a wind tunnel or jet engine, that widens gradually in the direction of flow to reduce the speed and increase the pressure of the air or fluid  
5      (Photog)   a light-scattering medium, such as a screen of fine fabric, placed in the path of a source of light to reduce the sharpness of shadows and thus soften the lighting  
6    a perforated plate or similar device for distributing compressed air in the aeration of sewage  
7    a device, attached to a hairdryer, which diffuses the warm air as it comes out  
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